Superheros– Part 2 of Boys in Tights/ The Amazing Spider-Man (Reboot)

This is the second part that I’m sure of a very ongoing series of superhero movies in the next couple of years.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Year: 2012

Actors:Andrew GarfieldEmma StoneRhys IfansDenis LearyMartin SheenSally FieldCampbell Scott

Director:Marc Webb

The geek and I both walking into this thinking we would hate it. The geek is way more of a Spider-man fan than I am, so his expectations were on an F level. I’m also a huge fan of the Sam Rami movies (with the exception of the third one that did not exist in my mind) with Tobey McGuire as Spider-man.

I thought the new lead(Andrew Garfield) was very good,  but I liked him in “The Social Network.” There were some really great scenes once he got his powers. I’m also happy that they didn’t go the Mary Jane route with the love story, and picked Gwen from the comic books. Emma Stone is so damn cute, and a really good actress.  I really wanted more Denis Leary, because I thought his small role stole the movie.

Martin Sheen was playing Jeb Barlett again, and I half expected him to launch into another one of the really great West Wing speeches. Sally Field as Aunt May was just washing dishes the whole time, and looking sad in sweaters. I know their roles were small, but they could have given them some better lines to work with from the script.

Two overall complaints:

1. Dr. Conners(Rhys Ifans) had one of the worst makeup jobs when he become the villain  that I’ve seen in a long time. It seemed to be out of a Ed Wood movie. I guess it was supposed to be scary, but I couldn’t stop giggling. His British  accent kept going in and out as well which really aggravated me.

2. I think they needed a good editor because some parts  could have been trimmed in the middle.

I thought the special effects were good, and  it was a little lighter in tone than the original Raimi movies.  I’m still not quite sure why they needed a new reboot when the other two hold up well on their own.  Hollywood is running out of ideas as usual I suppose, and they’re remaking everything.

Grade: B-

P.S. Campbell Scott what has happened to you?? I barely recognized you which than made me sad. He’s pulled a James Spader.  I also find it funny or intentional that the director of Spider-Man is named Marc Webb. Hmmmm…..