Abe Killing Vampires that don’t sparkle– Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter


DirectorTimur Bekmambetov

Writers: Seth Grahame-Smith (screenplay and author of the book)

Cast: Benjamin WalkerRufus Sewell and Dominic Cooper

Producers: Timur Bemmabetow, Tim Burton

Okay. See the trailer?

Yeah, it’s Abe fighting vampires. If you’re into cheesy movies (and I’m a huge fan of them just for pure comic value alone), this is a winner. That’s basically the premise. It comes from an equally cheesy book by Seth who also wrote “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” I do like that at least he wrote the screenplay, and Tim Burton was a producer.  There were some very “Sweeney Todd” esque moments in the film.  You tell he had a hand in the production of the film, but at least didn’t direct this film. That’s another rant for another blog.

I will say the lead was pretty good as Abe. He had the height down at least, and it was fun to see the fight scenes. There are actually CGI horses in one battle! At that point, my friend and I were laughing so hard it was hard to hear any of the dialogue because during the third part of the movie the plot holes, acting, production, were slowing fading into the background.  I also think they rushed this so they could convert it to 3D. The film also could have used a decent editor.  As always, the book was better. I thought it would be a better movie, and there was some allusions to the Civil War and slavery, but it just didn’t really explore it.

It’s good cheesy fun. Just Redbox or Netflix this movie if you want a fun ride.

Grade: D-


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