SIFF WEEK 3- The Revisonaries

Country: USA

Year 2012

Genre: Documentary, Politcal, Social, News

Director: Scott Thurman

Writers:Jawad Metni, Scott Thurman

Synopsis: The theory of evolution and a re-write of American history are caught in the crosshairs when an unabashed Creationist seeks re-election as chairman of America’s most influential Board of Education.

So, I had huge some buzz on some of the political blogs I follow about this movie. The geek and I decided to catch a matinee of it during SIFF.   This is a very current and relevant topic so I was interested in seeing how the director would brooch the subject matter.

The documentary follows the Texas fifteen person Board of Education, the organization that is responsible for putting together textbooks on a national level. In the movie’s case, the main subjects were evolution and history. Did you know that members of the Texas BOE don’t even have to be teachers in their field?? What the hell?

One of the most interesting characters in the film belonged to Don McLeod. Think of Ned Falnders from The Simpsons in real life. Now, think of him running the Texas BOE. He is a likeable character despite the fact that he doesn’t believe in evolution. Some of the funniest exchanges in the movie were discussions with him and fellow professor from a Texas university discussing the theory of evolution. In one scene, you see the look of “You have got to be kidding me right?” look come over the professor’s face when Mcleod states that dinosaurs and Jesus existed at the same time.

The film also explored the revision of history books. There is an interesting exchange about how they wanted to take out the music of “hip hop” and replace it with “country” music, among a certain member wanting to completely erase a chapter on 9/11.

I really loved this documentary. As a special treat, the director and one of the lead people(the science professor) in the film were at the screening. I think it’s an important film no matter what your view of evolution is, but i because it is about eduction and textbooks what the future generation will be taught about science and history.

Grade: A+++


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