SIFF Week 3– The Long Ride Home

Synoposis: To honor a promise made to a friend and fellow soldier, two men make a 95-day 4200-mile bike ride across America, determined to arrive at Ground Zero in New York City on the tenth anniversary of 9/11/2001.

Director/Producer/Writer:  Thomas Lee Wright:

Another very relevant documentary about Ground Zero and fellow soldiers.The film centers around on Mincio’s 95 day journey across country to honor his friend that died in 9/11.The bike ride was also to honor fallen soldiers and their families.

 also started a non-profit named Team Jesse, and the movie was a way to get word out about their non-profit organization,

It also delved into the issue of soldiers having PTSD, and it’s ongoing treatment for both soliders and families. One of the saddest scenes was at the very end when Jesse had made a video message to his wife after they had their first child. Looking straight into the camera, he says:” Well I’m dead….that sucks.”

The same director also did a movie a few years ago called Battle in Seattle (available on Netflix) that won the director Golden Space Needle award about the WTO riots.

While this wasn’t my favorite movie at SIFF that I have seen, I do think it speaks about a current situation in our country, and was very powerful. I also saw it the day after Memorial Day and it played to packed house, because Mincio is a local resident out of Mercer Island,WA.

Grade: B

I promise to see more comedies soon! it’s just been that SIFF has had some excellent documentaries this year as opposed to last year.


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