SIFF Week 3– Starbuck


Country: Canada

Year: 2011

Language: French with subtitles.

Synoposis: A massive box office success in Québec, Ken Scott’s comedic Starbuck tracks a likeable middle-aged loser as he wrestles with regret and responsibility. Hapless deliveryman David Wozniak gets parking tickets at every single stop along his route, has thugs on his tail for massive overdue loans, and his girlfriend announced that she was pregnant just before dumping him. These, however, are the least of David’s concerns when he returns home to find a lawyer in his kitchen. The past is back to haunt him in the form of a class-action lawsuit, launched by 142 of the 533 children who resulted from the 648 sperm donations he deposited over 20 years ago. (via

This movie really bored the hell out of me.  Maybe it was cutesy “second family” premise  or the very bad chemistry of the two leads, but I almost fell asleep twice during the second part of the film.  There  were one or  two funny lines, but I felt like the comedy was trying too hald for some throwaway lines. Just MEH.

 Grade: D


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